Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 3 at Florida!

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We got up bright and early (thanks Blair!) and headed to the beach this day. It was fun being the only ones at the beach! And I took one of my most favorite pictures ever of Blair, the first one on this post. I love how she just takes off to the water like that, it's the cutest thing! She's like a baby sea turtle!

Jacob was having a blast going out pretty deep and finding all kinds of sand-dollars, there he is with her first stash! 

We headed back and took a long nap, the beach really wears this little one out! 

The pictures from the pier are actually from the day before, I didn't organize these very well....oops! But it is the longest pier in the Gulf so we had to check it out! Blair wasn't too sure about it, I think it was a bit too windy for her! But on this trip she learned to point and she was pointing at things like crazy wanting us to look and tell her what it is. It's so amazing how fast she's learning! I can't get over it! One of her favorite things to point at are birds, which she was pointing out in the picture above!

And of course, Blair's favorite thing to do when we were in the condo, was go through her bag haha! 

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