Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 4 at Florida!

 photo IMG_2412_zpsuvqsycbd.jpg
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 photo IMG_2385_zps6q0km97i.jpg
 photo IMG_2313_zps7mlisons.jpg
 photo IMG_2255_zpsejxaov3q.jpg
 photo IMG_2251_zps0yoghvkq.jpg
 photo IMG_2308_zpsknuk0cnh.jpg
 photo IMG_2294_zpstijxrlqe.jpg

Blair loved that green net! She wanted to carry it around all the time!

Once Blair got a taste of sand she was done putting it in her mouth haha. She was not a fan! But instead of eating sand nonstop she went for the seashells. Ugh! We would give them to her to play with, she would look at them, and then straight to her mouth. So we had to keep them away from her.

And she looks so beautiful in the last picture after eating some spaghetti! I'm jealous of those eyelashes!

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