Sunday, January 11, 2015

1 Month.

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Blair is officially 1 Month old!

She has started to smile more, which melts my heart every time.
She loves to "talk", especially to her stuffed animals.
She is very hard to please, she gets bored easily I suppose.
She is addicted to eating! (Draining this momma dry!)
She loves car rides and baths.
She loves sleeping on people's chests and tummys.
She isn't too sure about being tickled, even though her dad loves to do it, haha.
She can turn her head really well while on tummy time!
And at our last doctor's appointment this week, (I freaked out because she had the sniffles, but she's perfectly healthy), she weighed 10.2 pounds! My growing girl!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


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 My little munchkin is 3 weeks old in these pictures, my how time is flying by! I just can't resist taking tons of pictures of her nonstop. I feel like she is changing everyday and I need to document it! She is already starting to "talk" to us some and smiling here and there...though mostly in her sleep! I will talk more about everything though in her 1 month's coming up very soon!!

(It's almost impossible to keep those bows in her hair!! Always falling out, oh well!)

Until then, enjoy these pictures of these chubby little cheeks, I could kiss them all day!