Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Months.

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Blair is 5 Months old! And she definitely has the personality to show it! She is such a ham these days, she laughs all the time and has a new "happy scream" that she does ALL day....and absolutely loves to do it nonstop when we are at a restaurant! She screams in delight almost every time she sees another baby, and it melts my heart. She's already a social butterfly, this girl loves everybody.

She almost rolled off the bed the other day. I set her toward the side of the bed near the wall. I always put pillows up by the edge though, just in case. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I heard her screaming with joy. I looked in there and she was just rolling toward the edge of the bed. Haha. I almost died. Thankfully the pillows were there to stop her. And I guess I will be brushing my teeth while sitting on the bed with her from now on!

The Little Mermaid book she's holding is the very first thing we ever bought her. I had just found out I was pregnant (about 8 weeks) and we were shopping at Nordstrom in Virginia. I of course wanted to look at the baby stuff and came across this book! Jacob told me to buy it and I said "no what if baby is a boy?" and he said, "This little baby is definitely a girl, I just know it. Please buy her the book." And so I did. I knew in my heart that he was right. That book will always have so much meaning to me, and when she is no longer interested in it I will store it away and give it to her when she is older.

-She is rolling over nonstop...and I mean nonstop. It's a struggle to change a diaper these days!
-She is a jabber jaws. Loves to talk your ear off...and scream your ear off.
-Is so curious and eager to learn. I love watching her explore!
-Loves to be read to and to look at the books and feel them. 
-Loves bananas, but will eat pretty much any fruits or veggies I give her...most of the time with a disgusted face.....she still prefers milky milk!
-Is sitting up like a pro. 
-Lunges toward things while she is sitting up. Always trying to get somewhere!
-Is trying to start crawling. Fully extending her arms and trying to get up on those knees, but they keep slipping out from under her (which is fine with me, you are too young to be crawling missy!)
-Scoots around on her belly.
-Puts everything in her mouth.
-Loves bathtime and water.
-Hates being in her carseat.
-Reaches for mommy and daddy and whines when she wants to be picked up (I secretly love this)
-Can sit in highchairs at restaurants.
-Loves going on walks in her stroller.
-Loves being outside.
-Drooling 24/7/365
-Sleeps through the night sometimes and sometimes not.
-Loves getting her hands on things she's not supposed to have.
-Thinks looking at herself in the mirror is the best thing ever. (I think she thinks it's a baby friend!)
-Gnaws on her thumb like there is no tomorrow.
-Has beautiful blue eyes.
-When she rolls over she does the fish swim (as seen above) it's so cute. Has her arms and legs out to the sides going crazy. I love it!
-Loves to chew on her toes.
-Loves being tickled!
-Can eat yogurt bites.
-Is wearing size 3 diapers!

This little girl lights up my life. Everyday she is doing something new and different, I absolutely love watching her grow! I seriously can't get enough.