Monday, November 23, 2015

11 Months.

 photo 12273027_10206403786146648_386366992_n_zpsllzt1bnh.jpg
 photo 12277986_10206403785946643_498771713_n_zps8mqdkjub.jpg
 photo 12233062_10206403785826640_723860172_n_zpsjwuc0zt0.jpg
 photo 12270226_10206403785746638_1677010153_n_zpsfqpgrnfp.jpg
 photo 12270226_10206403786626660_1605094444_n_zpsz0dbvjjy.jpg
 photo 12286125_10206403786706662_830876517_n_zpsokgirhll.jpg
 photo 12278113_10206403785026620_1998613889_n_zpsikuoioiq.jpg
 photo 12272781_10206403785266626_964960033_n_zpsvxfjnvbs.jpg
 photo 12272957_10206403784866616_1756674250_n_zpskxlooy3x.jpg
 photo 12270572_10206403785426630_83334842_n_zpsbrguweiu.jpg
 photo 12167654_10206403785186624_30449873_n_zps8haczl0l.jpg
Baby girl is 11 Months old! (Well she turned 11 months old 2 weeks ago, I am late at blogging it!)
We have a full-blown toddler on our hands. My gosh she has an attitude and a mind of her own! She is wild and crazy, so I think the first outfit was a perfect choice for this month, my little wild child!

We did the tee-pee outfit first but I did not get any pictures that I just loved, so I decided to take some more but the tee-pee onesie was in the wash! It is one of my favorite onesies so I had to throw in these pictures! And how funny is she sitting on her thrown of stuffed animals? Haha! I love her so much. She loves me to pile them all on top of her for some reason!

Anyways, I am to the point where I dread monthly pictures because she hates taking them. She screams and cries pretty much the entire time. I had to bribe her with leaves and lil crunchies to get her to stop crying and to stay still...but that happiness only lasted for like a minute. I am happy/sad that we are almost done with them. I can not believe she will be 1 year old next month! Wah. Time slow down!!

-Blair is into everything these days. She loves climbing into cabinets and playing chase and monster is her favorite game.
-She laughs like crazy these days, seriously music to my ears! Cause this girl used to never ever laugh!
-She will not eat anything except crunchies, puffs, yogurt bites, peanut butter crackers, blueberries, pizza, and spaghetti....even though I try to feed her all kinds of stuff.
-She loves playing peek-a-boo.
-She does the itsy-bitsy-spider and patty-cake
-She knows where her nose, belly-button, and ears are.
-She loves wearing her fairy wings around and brings them to me every morning to put on her. It seriously makes me melt!
-She always wants to wear dresses, it is so funny how girly she is!
-She loves kitties and puppies more than anything! (Besides mom and dad, duh!)
-She loves books and bubbles at the library.
-She was in the newspaper for the first time this month!
-She has the most beautiful smile in the world.
-She is perfect in every way and I am so blessed to be her mama!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blair's First Halloween!

 photo 12189611_10100471747466822_2649726820935739355_n_zpsiapk786p.jpg
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 photo 12189705_10100471907995122_600308170542016377_n_zpsotgmrgex.jpg
 photo 12212129_10206344173456368_1447822607_n_zpstk5npocy.jpg
 photo 12231097_10206344173176361_1360668639_n_zpsa9jqya1d.jpg
 photo 12212099_10206344175536420_133705572_n_zpsdxcvj6zb.jpg
 photo 12226835_10206344170776301_1958300700_n_zpsy7v66ug7.jpg
 photo 12226387_10206344173576371_73707571_n_zpsqbywygwc.jpg
 photo 12212216_10206344173136360_862241414_n_zps4uff7nfq.jpg
 photo 12231512_10206344170816302_1480720751_n_zpstw5ig7dy.jpg photo 12233575_10206344173936380_1934048266_n_zpsoqgkxk49.jpg
 photo 12231212_10206344173656373_955167034_n_zpsuen9pumn.jpg
 photo 12231577_10206344173976381_343181416_n_zpszl28xto0.jpg
 photo 12115637_10206290224107668_3990297367319458774_n_zpszmitkftr.jpg
We went to Mall-O-Ween for Blairs first Halloween because it was rainy and cold! Im glad we did because it was fun! We dressed up as Granny, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf!! Of course Miss Priss would have rather been shopping for clothes instead of trick-or-treating haha! We had to pull her away from a few stores and she didnt go without a fight! We went with our friends, Sean, Crystal, and Charles!

Blair was the Moon one day before Halloween, it was her runner-up costume! How cute is she though!?

Also, my apostrophe button has stopped working on my bare with me! I accidentally spilled syrup all over my keyboard and now Im dealing with the consequences...meh!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Big Bad Wolf!

 photo DSC01950_zpstskza5ux.jpg
 photo DSC01901_zpsmemjjlxo.jpg
 photo DSC01900_zps1opmavry.jpg
 photo DSC01882_zps0zlplqx9.jpg
 photo DSC01793_zpsslw0afsv.jpg
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 photo DSC02036_zps7psekgax.jpg
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 photo DSC02069_zpssbtcphc4.jpg
 photo DSC02071_zpsunqzyoz2.jpg
 photo DSC02073_zpsdffxynip.jpg
 photo DSC02075_zps3r2x9pwg.jpg
 photo DSC02086_zps97vzw5q0.jpg
 photo DSC01723_zpswv3rcnzl.jpg
 photo DSC01705_zpsbkovpc44.jpg
 photo DSC01704_zps8aep5dgi.jpg

Blair's first Halloween costume was just the best! And she loved it as well! We took pictures a little before Halloween because I had a feeling it would be either raining or cold on Halloween, and I was right! So I'm glad we got these photos! I will share our actual Halloween photos next!
Blair did the fishy face pretty much the entire time she had her costume on that day. Haha, she was killing me! She's so funny!