Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Big Bad Wolf!

 photo DSC01950_zpstskza5ux.jpg
 photo DSC01901_zpsmemjjlxo.jpg
 photo DSC01900_zps1opmavry.jpg
 photo DSC01882_zps0zlplqx9.jpg
 photo DSC01793_zpsslw0afsv.jpg
 photo DSC01785_zpsmuhtoxen.jpg
 photo DSC01766_zpsbsvcdjek.jpg
 photo DSC01764_zpsoaoych3y.jpg
 photo DSC01962_zps9esfxxwa.jpg
 photo DSC01983_zpsssoue3v1.jpg
 photo DSC02017_zpsawrrdgmo.jpg
 photo DSC01968_zpsrkxlm5jm.jpg
 photo DSC02036_zps7psekgax.jpg
 photo DSC02047_zpsfzto8yvv.jpg
 photo DSC02069_zpssbtcphc4.jpg
 photo DSC02071_zpsunqzyoz2.jpg
 photo DSC02073_zpsdffxynip.jpg
 photo DSC02075_zps3r2x9pwg.jpg
 photo DSC02086_zps97vzw5q0.jpg
 photo DSC01723_zpswv3rcnzl.jpg
 photo DSC01705_zpsbkovpc44.jpg
 photo DSC01704_zps8aep5dgi.jpg

Blair's first Halloween costume was just the best! And she loved it as well! We took pictures a little before Halloween because I had a feeling it would be either raining or cold on Halloween, and I was right! So I'm glad we got these photos! I will share our actual Halloween photos next!
Blair did the fishy face pretty much the entire time she had her costume on that day. Haha, she was killing me! She's so funny!

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