Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love at First Sight.

 photo 38weeks028_zps672fc477.jpg

So here's our "getting pregnant story"

Jacob and I decided to wait awhile to have a baby so we could explore and travel the world and do everything we dreamed of before bringing someone into our lives that would change everything. I absolutely had the best 7 years with him doing just that. We were able to live on the West Coast and the East Coast. We were able to travel to the beach just for the weekend whenever we wanted. We were able to explore the most beautiful National Parks and sleep under the stars. It's been nonstop fun and adventuring with him and I wouldn't change it for the world.

But soon we both started getting baby fever. Even though it would only last for me for a few months, then I would be done with trying to get pregnant and get back on birth control. After trying to get pregnant twice I was getting convinced that maybe it wasn't in the books for us, maybe it was just ment to be Jacob and I and no one else. When he convinced me to try a third time, I agreed cause I knew it wouldn't happen right away, if it even happened at all. 

Three months later, Jacob told me to take a pregnancy test because I was being so mean/moody and just wanted to sleep all the time, so he was convinced I was pregnant. And he was right! I cried from shock and disbelief but he smiled the biggest/goofiest smile in the world. I knew when I saw that smile that everything was going to be okay. And that we were going to have the happiest little family. 

Once I saw my little munchkin a few weeks later and heard her heart beat, it was instant love at first sight. I had the same kind of butterflies I got when I first met Jacob. Now that she's almost here I'm so excited I could burst at the seams! Everyone says that our traveling days are over and no more this and that. But actually I'm more excited to travel now that we have Blair. I can't wait to show her the world and see her get excited over seeing a big mountain or jumping in the ocean waves with her daddy. I love that kids get excited about the most simple things in life.

This is going to be the best adventure yet.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

38 Weeks!

 photo 38weeks124_zps7a175df9.jpg
 photo 38weeks099_zpsbb19d779.jpg
 photo 38weeks098_zps47fae584.jpg
 photo 38weeks091_zps876eb8fd.jpg
 photo 38weeks112_zps75b5357d.jpg
 photo 38weeks068_zps92047afa.jpg
 photo 38weeks022_zpse1aba74a.jpg
 photo 38weeks089_zpsc37e160f.jpg
 photo 38weeks066_zps8fc363ca.jpg
 photo 38weeks051_zps1b7b26f6.jpg
 photo 38weeks139_zps34d10fd9.jpg

Blair is 38 Weeks! She probably weighs 6.5 pounds (though I suspect she weighs more than that!) and is the size of a length! 

Sorry there are so many belly pictures, I just can't get over how....round it is! I mean seriously? Is that belly for real?? 

Jacob and I ventured out to snap some pictures on that very cold day (about 2 days ago), when a sweet shop owner asked us if we would like to come inside and take some pictures in her shop where we could stay warm. So of course we said yes, and went and snapped a few pictures (not the best lighting soooo that's why there is only one picture from inside the store!) Anyways, on our way out she gave me a rose for baby Blair. It was such a sweet gesture that I will always cherish. 

I am pretty miserable (though it could be much worse I'm sure. I am also bloated or swollen (WHATEVER!) beyond belief! My face looks like it's gained 5 pounds in one week. Pretty much can only fit into like 3 pairs of shoes, and those are tight. The ring that took my wedding ring's spot (about 3 months ago) is getting too tight.....and I had to add an extra link to my watch for it to fit! Ah!! Hopefully this little munchkin comes soon before I blow up anymore!!

Jacob is trying everything under the sun to try to induce labor. And every time I whine about a braxton hicks contraction his eyes get huge and he wants to time them to make sure they aren't real. He begs me to give birth every day because he wants to meet his daughter so bad. It really is the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see his face when I actually do go into labor.....and most of all when he sees our daughter for the first time.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Me and My Big 'ol Bump.

 photo 37weeks073_zpsb4b75e7a.jpg
 photo 37weeks020_zps1c1da876.jpg
 photo 37weeks036_zps1898bdee.jpg
 photo 37weeks061_zpsff0c7fed.jpg
 photo 37weeks068_zpsf3652683.jpg
 photo 37weeks128_zps0acf5d67.jpg

(He's so thrilled to take a selfie in Target with me)

Be prepared for quite a few posts this week, because now that this pregnancy is coming to an end, I'm trying to savor every last moment. I know I will miss feeling her move around inside me more than anything and I will miss the feeling of knowing that she's safe and warm in my belly...(and probably extremely happy that she doesn't have to face this cold weather yet!) 

And I'm 100% blaming this big belly on me being whiney about not having a bump.....and maybe a little on all the milk I consume. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

37 Weeks!

 photo 37weeks071_zps051539bb.jpg

Blair is 37 weeks!! (Well she's more like 37.5 weeks!) She probably weighs 6.5 pounds or so! And she's officially considered full term!!

 We went to the doctor on Friday and she says everything is looking great and that Blair is in position and ready to be born!! It's possible that we could have a baby in less than 2 weeks! 

We have her bag packed, but not mine.....I feel like it's impossible to do since I still want to wear/use most of the things I need to pack. What did you find to be the most useful things to pack? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

36 Weeks.

Blair turned 36 Weeks yesterday! She probably weighs about 6 pounds and is as big as a Crenshaw Melon!

It's the beginning of month 9!! 

Blair is so wiggly, she loves to make my belly protrude in all different directions like she is trying to push her way out. She loves to kick me hard in the ribs. And she loves when she can hear me or Jacob talking, makes her go wild in there. It's the cutest thing ever.

The last week has been the toughest for me (besides the whole 1st trimester).  I have had a runny nose which has been making it impossible to sleep through an entire night because I can't breathe. It's starting to get better though, thank you Lord! I am getting Braxton Hicks contractions every day, and those are no fun! Also, when we go out to town I instantly want to go back home and lay in bed while Jacob rubs my feet. So I'm kind of a boring Betty these days.

We got to make an extra visit to the hospital because of a pesky little spider. It was on my side of the car door. Jacob tried to protect me and kill it, and then the spider jumped, I jumped (and this whole time I was screaming), and Jacob jumped to get him. Well that resulted in Jacob's arm smashing into my belly pretty hard....and me being the spaz I am insisted we call the doctor and ask if everything was okay. And the doctor that was on-call insisted we come in to check. Where in return we had to get my blood drawn to see if Blair's had mixed at all with mine, and it had by .1%. So then they made me get another Rhogam shot. UGH.

Can I just repeat myself and say that I hate being RH Negative?

But our baby is okay. We got to see our doctor yesterday and she told us it was totally normal for baby's blood to mix a little and we shouldn't be worried. She also told us that she thinks I will last the whole 40 weeks. I'm happy Blair gets to cook a little longer but I was hoping maybe to last only a couple more weeks cause I am feeling miserable and I'm getting extremely impatient. I'm ready to meet our little girl!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

35 Weeks!

 photo 34weeks189_zpsb2a96660.jpg
 photo 34weeks139_zps140694cd.jpg
 photo 34weeks242_zpsfaa8d137.jpg photo 34weeks220_zps2543d3e0.jpg
 photo 34weeks228_zpsf6515a16.jpg
 photo 34weeks129_zpsf56ed3f5.jpg
 photo 34weeks253_zpsc525a524.jpg
 photo 34weeks130_zps8da1a4ac.jpg
 photo 34weeks193_zps36974cc6.jpg
 photo 34weeks192_zps9215a872.jpg
 photo 34weeks396_zps7f88266b.jpg
 photo 34weeks156_zpsc5f0886a.jpg
 photo 34weeks187_zpse32a30de.jpg
 photo 34weeks248_zps554c992d.jpg
 photo 34weeks241_zpsfcd293a9.jpg photo 34weeks401_zpsfc7848a8.jpg
 photo 34weeks358_zpsf530ab67.jpg
 photo 34weeks305_zps38816bcf.jpg
 photo 34weeks146_zpsc7b7c592.jpg
 photo 34weeks255_zpsf831219f.jpg

Blair is 35 Weeks today and is as big as a honeydew melon, probably weighing about 5.25 pounds!

35 Weeks for me means that EVERYTHING I do is uncomfortable. From breathing to sleeping to bending down to pick something up. (Even though I'd have to say sleeping and bending are the 2 worst). Luckily for me this is my last full week of work so I won't have to be doing crazy stuff like avoiding running into fixtures with my big belly....and bending over!

Jacob and I are so excited and ready for Blair to be here we could burst! We almost have her nursery done, we are just waiting on the dresser to be completed and we need to find a rocking chair that I like (it seems like an impossible task!). Hopefully this weekend will be a success in the rocking chair area. 

 This little munchkin gets the hiccups like crazy, especially after I drink Sprite (sorry I love Sprite so much these days little one!). She loves to kick momma in the ribs and stretch my belly out on one side so it looks like a little alien in trying to come through. It also feels like she is chewing on my insides sometimes, even though that's not the case (I hope!), I imagine it is actually little fingers or toes poking around and digging in.

My favorite thing is when I can see her practicing breathing through my stomach. The constant (but subtle) up-down movement brings a smile to my face. I love her so much already, I can't believe I will be holding her soon!!