Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love at First Sight.

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So here's our "getting pregnant story"

Jacob and I decided to wait awhile to have a baby so we could explore and travel the world and do everything we dreamed of before bringing someone into our lives that would change everything. I absolutely had the best 7 years with him doing just that. We were able to live on the West Coast and the East Coast. We were able to travel to the beach just for the weekend whenever we wanted. We were able to explore the most beautiful National Parks and sleep under the stars. It's been nonstop fun and adventuring with him and I wouldn't change it for the world.

But soon we both started getting baby fever. Even though it would only last for me for a few months, then I would be done with trying to get pregnant and get back on birth control. After trying to get pregnant twice I was getting convinced that maybe it wasn't in the books for us, maybe it was just ment to be Jacob and I and no one else. When he convinced me to try a third time, I agreed cause I knew it wouldn't happen right away, if it even happened at all. 

Three months later, Jacob told me to take a pregnancy test because I was being so mean/moody and just wanted to sleep all the time, so he was convinced I was pregnant. And he was right! I cried from shock and disbelief but he smiled the biggest/goofiest smile in the world. I knew when I saw that smile that everything was going to be okay. And that we were going to have the happiest little family. 

Once I saw my little munchkin a few weeks later and heard her heart beat, it was instant love at first sight. I had the same kind of butterflies I got when I first met Jacob. Now that she's almost here I'm so excited I could burst at the seams! Everyone says that our traveling days are over and no more this and that. But actually I'm more excited to travel now that we have Blair. I can't wait to show her the world and see her get excited over seeing a big mountain or jumping in the ocean waves with her daddy. I love that kids get excited about the most simple things in life.

This is going to be the best adventure yet.

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