Thursday, December 4, 2014

39 Weeks!!

 photo 39weeks034_zpsf33d9973.jpg
 photo 39weeks039_zps9dfee23c.jpg
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 photo 39weeks033_zps6c296330.jpg
 photo 39weeks059_zpsdc4343aa.jpg
 photo 39weeks056_zps2354c06d.jpg

Blair is 39 weeks (Tuesday) and is as big as a mini watermelon!!

We were so certain that I was going to be giving birth this week, but my body had other plans. We have another appointment tomorrow to see if anything has changed (fingers crossed that it has!) and if everything looks good we might be picking out a date for next week! Meep! 

I'm so ready to hold and kiss this little munchkin, I don't think I can wait much longer! I also don't think my body can handle much longer. She's just getting stronger by the hour it feels like, last night was the worst night so far.....and it was just because of her kicking me in the ribs, bladder, and whatever else she could reach. She's a feisty little thing!