Monday, December 29, 2014

Blair's First Christmas.

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Blair's First Christmas was wonderful! (She was 2 weeks and one day on Christmas!) We had a great time being with our families and sharing our new gift with everyone! She was spoiled rotten by her Nanny and Pa-Pa. The best gift they got her though, hands down, is her swing! She absolutely loves it...well most of the time haha. 

Blair was so good and she loves being around both sides of our family. It's such a blessing to have so many people who love her so much already. She is a lucky little girl! And we are two lucky parents!

All of her Christmas attire I bought is way too big! Such a bummer! But the main outift, this sweater onesie, fit good enough and she rocked it. It's so stinking cute I couldn't stop myself from getting tons of pictures of her in it! And of course her Christmas jammies fit perfectly too! So it's okay the other 2 outfits didn't work out....this momma is just going to have to learn that baby sizes all run different!

Well now that Jacob is back to work after 2 weeks of paternity leave I am officially on my own during the day, except when he comes home for lunch! Baby girl is sleeping now so I thought I'd sneak in a really fast blog post for her first Christmas....but now I have to go so I can continue to finally take down the Christmas decorations. It's crazy how it takes me forever to get something done nowadays, but she's worth the house being a little unorganized and messy! 

And thank you for all the kind words in the last post! I do love this cute little munchkin to pieces!

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