Monday, July 30, 2012

Date Day.

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Dress-Zara, Shoes-Seychelles

Jacob decided to take me on a "day date" on our last weekend in California. So I decided to put on my new favorite dress (that I got while in New York City) with these beautiful turquoise heels. He took me to Olive Garden (it's my favorite) and then he took me shopping at the Glendale shopping center. Such a cute place, it's what I imagine Paris to be like.

When I saw this dress, I died. So perfect. Sea-inspired print and a pannier sillouhette? Ah, love at first site! But I didn't buy it at first, because one it was unrealistic (when would I ever wear this?) and two it was a little big on the top. But then I sent a picture to Jacob and he said, "Wow, you have to get that Sea Goddess dress, it's beautiful!"

And so I went back and got it and I'm so glad that I did!!! And I decided to wear it whenever I pleased. And I decided that it's okay to wear beautiful elaborate dresses every single day if I want. Enough with the dressing down, I'm ready to start dressing up.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sea Inspired Coach Purse.

Purse- Coach

Ever since Jacob and I got married he has bought me a Sea inspired Coach purse every year (the past two you all have seen here and here). I realized that I had not blogged my newest (and most favorite) one yet. So while at the beach the other day, I decided to snap its picture!

Isn't it the cutest? And it even has a little starfish stitched on the th backside, I love the little details Coach puts into their designs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Santa Monica Pier.

Crop-Top-American Apparel, Shorts-Thrifted DIY (Goodwill), Sweater- Wildfox Couture

After I got done with work Thursday, Jacob and I decided to head down to Santa Monica pier just to have some much needed fun! I watched Jacob play on the traveling rings for awhile (which he is REALLY good at!), then I convinced him that we needed a funnel cake for dinner. So we headed to the pier and got a yummy funnel cake! After that we went and rode the carousel because Jacob had never been on one, so of course we had too!

After all of these fun activities we went for a walk on the beach and watched the sunset. It was extremely beautiful. So I had to take advantage and snap some pictures! 

I finally got the Wildfox Couture sweater I've been wanting since I laid eyes on it....and yes it is perfect! I "might" have worn it every day since I got it. I can't help it, it's so cute, warm, and the softest sweater ever!! I love how the front is team California and the back is team New York.....which team are you on?!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Wanna be a Cowboy Baby.

Top- Thrifted (Goodwill), Shorts- BCBG, Sandals- Forever 21

This outfit made me feel like a cowgirl, with the denim on denim, which I love. This top was a great find while thrifting, it goes with everything! And these shorts might be a little too cheeky after viewing these photos, might have to save them for a night out dancing or with tights from now on.

We are still living in Los Angeles, and I'm still interning with Foam Magazine! I got to go to a photo-shoot yesterday which was awesome. Even though there was a lot of sitting around I loved it, much better than being in the office!! It's really cool to see how everything works behind the scenes of this amazing magazine. And if you haven't gone out and bought the latest issue with the gorgeous Jamie King on the cover, go do it now! And look at the contributors page....under Interns, you will see my name! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Really a Mermaid.

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Top/Dress-Wildfox Couture, Petticoat-American Apparel 

Nothing like running around on the beach in a tutu after work!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hawaiian Print!

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Bodysuit-American Apparel, Shorts-Thrifted DIY (Goodwill), Sandals-Forever21

Since I live in California this summer, I finally got to go to the American Apparel Factory Flea market! And it was amazing!! I got lots of goodies for cheap, including this bodysuit! This is one of my favorite purchases from American Apparel in general. I love how the whole back is out, gorgeous! And it goes with everything...I have been wearing it every chance I get, wish I would have got more colors, but I went back and they were all!!

Also, found the shorts I am wearing at Goodwill a couple years ago. But when I found them they were hideous capri pants, eww! But I knew they had potential. So I took them home and went to town on them with the scissors! I also had my friend hem them for me, because I figured they would look better with a clean hem....and I was right!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dodgers Baseball game for the Fourth of July!

Top-Thrifted (Goodwill), Shorts-Hollister, Bow-American Apparel

For the 4th of July Jacob and I went to our first Major League Baseball game, and it was awesome!! I am now a new fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers haha! We had a lot of fun and the firework show at the end of the night was the cherry on top! Best firework show I have EVER seen in my life, I loved it!!

I found this American flag button-down at Goodwill a few months ago, and I've been saving it for the 4th! It was pretty big, but I decided to tie it in a knot at the bottom and it made the fit much better, and looked super cute! 

And can I just throw this in there, I'm proud to be an American! :)