Friday, July 6, 2012

Sequoia Trees.

Top-Hollister, Shorts-Thrifted DIY, Bra-American Apparel

Ever since we got to California (and before that) Jacob had been talking non-stop about going to see the giant Sequoia trees. So the week of his birthday, I said "let's go!"

And to say they are amazing, gorgeous, and and one of the coolest things I've ever seen, doesn't even do them justice. Everyone should make it a goal in life to go see these beautiful, ancient trees. They are breath-taking and made me feel so tiny!! 

Do you see the 4th picture? Those are the roots of a falling tree, extremely beautiful. 
In the 6th picture that's my car driving through a fallen tree! 
7-10 are the views from Moro Rock and 11 is actually a picture of Moro Rock, which we decided to climb! The hike/climb (which is super long and kinda scary) was so worth it!
And the last picture is Jacob and I in front of the biggest tree in the world, General Sherman!

So fun, and I'd love to go back!


  1. Oh my flipping god. Whoaaaaaaa those are big!
    I was actually going to ask if they were fake, but wow. I can't believe it. How old are they?

  2. Adorable outfit! :) no matter how many times I see sequoias (even in person) I can't get over how absolutely massive they are!! :)


  3. What an amazing experience!

    I want to see them in person in some point in my life!

    Really gorgeous place!

  4. (sorry to creep on your blog out of nowhere) but omg, that looks sooo amazing. my boyfriend would love to go to a place like that. (we live in CA as well). soo gorgeous! your outfit looks so cute too.

    - Lila