Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 photo halloween037_zpsb483df38.jpg
 photo halloween012_zps31d20ad2.jpg
 photo halloween051_zps0f0b183c.jpg
 photo halloween021_zps4cd847a4.jpg
 photo halloween028_zps3f6f4e64.jpg
 photo halloween006_zps0be4c392.jpg
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 photo halloween069_zps1deb462f.jpg
 photo halloween075_zps9a846853.jpg
Me: Top: DIY, Skirt: American Apparel, Hat: Free People, Belt: Thrifted, Boots: Forever 21, Gun: Dollar Tree
Jacob: Superman Outfit: Wal-Mart

Me, Jacob, and Crystal went out last Saturday for Halloween because Jacob has drill this weekend and we won't be able to celebrate (BOO!). We had a lot of fun last Saturday though! We danced the night away, man I love Halloween! 

I was a cowgirl inspired by this Wildfox lookbook. Definitely one of my favorite costumes yet. I felt super cute and fun! Jacob and I made the shirt from stuff we bought at Joanne's Fabric (t-shirt and iron-on letters). It would have only cost $7.00 but we kept messing up the iron-on letters....on the third try we finally got it done! And how stinking cute does Jacob look!?

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! What are you dressing up as?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wildfox Jammies.

 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_13_zpsc681879f.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_2_zpsf1a71591.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_12_zpse51c63ae.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_3_zps71a309bc.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_10_zpsdd9c5f64.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_5_zps04f45a7b.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_24_zps015265dd.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_14_zps2785a1e4.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_7_zps0f728dcd.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_25_zpse7d39ec0.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_29_zps90d1b3f2.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_16_zps4a7ab8e6.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_40_zps1bff3a01.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_35_zps8e0afecc.jpg

So you guessed it, I'm completely obsessed with the Wildfox Pajamas Collection. I NEED the pink pant set so badly!!! Ugh, they are perfection! I keep telling Jacob I need them for when I'm sitting out on a balcony in Paris drinking hot chocolate, but he won't budge. I also tell him that I will wear them EVERYDAY! I will, I promise! (Boys just don't get it though). Well until I win the jackpot or someone is super sweet and surprises me with them....I will just have to daydream about being as cute as the model above!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get Out and Get Under the Moon.

 photo moon059_zpse7b4b8f9.jpg
 photo moon060_zps1b0bd5d4.jpg
 photo moon062_zps7f30d5b7.jpg
 photo moon151_zps26f408ea.jpg
 photo moon068_zpsb8ccc058.jpg
 photo moon139_zpsd48305d7.jpg
 photo moon072_zps41cf445f.jpg

 photo moon054_zpsef95277e.jpg
 photo moon146_zps3fae5f7f.jpg
 photo moon123_zps7eea2ae2.jpg
 photo moon141_zpscf334849.jpg
 photo moon201_zps5c460031.jpg

Dress: Wildfox Couture, Hat: Free People, Coat: Forever 21, Stockings: Forever 21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Here's my new favorite dress, that Jacob got me for my birthday. I absolutely love it in ever way! It's so soft and warm and cute and cozy.....and it glows in the dark! How cool is that?! 

...I love what it says also. So tonight or in a few nights to come, grab a blanket (or 3 or 4), your love (or your bestie), some hot chocolate (and maybe even some sugar cookies), and go outside and get under the moon and the stars. Talk for hours and hours about everything and nothing. Count how many shooting stars you can see and make a wish on the first one you see, soak up the beauty of the night sky (one of my most favorite things in this world). 

Some of my favorite memories are with Jacob when we are just cuddled outside under the moon and stars. Whether it be on the trampoline in my parents yard or sitting by a campfire in Wyoming, we always have the best time and I wouldn't trade those memories for the world.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Hate Mondays.

Top: Wildfox Couture, Skirt: American Apparel, Booties: Aldo

I hate Mondays, but I love Wildfox. 

--picture taken the Monday before last, it's a little too chilly for a skirt today!--

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Even Cowgirls get the Blues.

 photo COWGIRL_COVER_zps20f02095.jpg
 photo PAGE-12_zpsfc5b1362.jpg
 photo PAGE-15_zpsc0b64008.jpg
 photo PAGE-13_zpsb5b581a2.jpg
 photo PAGE-8_zps3630b817.jpg
 photo PAGE-11_zps435d2fc7.jpg
 photo PAGE-16_zpsaa095e76.jpg
 photo PAGE-22_zps814e51bd.jpg
 photo PAGE-21_zpsc752f81c.jpg
 photo PAGE-24_zps3a3f7b0a.jpg
 photo PAGE-30_zps3262965e.jpg
 photo PAGE-32_zps75b58956.jpg
 photo PAGE-48_zps84cf97cd.jpg
 photo PAGE-46_zpsfdff7dd0.jpg
 photo PAGE-34_zps6377893b.jpg
 photo PAGE-35_zpse9314178.jpg
 photo PAGE-50_zpsd4b74178.jpg
Source: Wildfox Couture

The inspiration for my Halloween costume...I'm so excited! What are you all going to be?