Monday, October 28, 2013

Wildfox Jammies.

 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_13_zpsc681879f.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_2_zpsf1a71591.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_12_zpse51c63ae.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_3_zps71a309bc.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_10_zpsdd9c5f64.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_5_zps04f45a7b.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_24_zps015265dd.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_14_zps2785a1e4.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_7_zps0f728dcd.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_25_zpse7d39ec0.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_29_zps90d1b3f2.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_16_zps4a7ab8e6.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_40_zps1bff3a01.jpg
 photo PAJAMAS_HOLIDAY_35_zps8e0afecc.jpg

So you guessed it, I'm completely obsessed with the Wildfox Pajamas Collection. I NEED the pink pant set so badly!!! Ugh, they are perfection! I keep telling Jacob I need them for when I'm sitting out on a balcony in Paris drinking hot chocolate, but he won't budge. I also tell him that I will wear them EVERYDAY! I will, I promise! (Boys just don't get it though). Well until I win the jackpot or someone is super sweet and surprises me with them....I will just have to daydream about being as cute as the model above!

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