Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Count the Stars.

 photo countthestars075_zps6d11cd34.jpg
 photo countthestars112_zps621169e6.jpg
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 photo countthestars110_zps3ab151d9.jpg
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 photo countthestars074_zps47ed1e28.jpg
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 photo countthestars126_zpse3eb77e8.jpg
 photo countthestars150_zps29a9ce0f.jpg
 photo countthestars217_zpsda4397fa.jpg
Top: Wildfox Couture, Pants: One Teaspoon (thrifted), Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Hat: Free People

Swim In The Sea.
Drive All Night.
Count The Stars.
Find True Love.
Get Really Drunk.

Forever in love with this Wildfox t-shirt, I'm pretty sure Wildfox is my clothing brand soul mate. I feel like it was all made with me in mind. It's cute, comfy, and you can wear it anywhere with anything, perfecto.

I found these One Teaspoon pants at our local vintage store Cheap Thrills for $17. Uhhh. I had a freaking heart attack when I saw them and then died again when I saw the price. They are AMAZING. They make my legs look a million miles long and super skinny. Yes please! They are so fun and unique, I can't wait to get even more wears out of them this fall and winter! They are so long that I have to wear my Jefferey Campbell Litas with them, so I won't be wearing them to work unfortunately....just a lot of outings! 

The weather has been perfect the past few days, 70ish degrees is fine by me! This weekend Jacob and I will be going to my parents for my nephew's birthday, I can't believe he will be 3! Where does time go? 

Oh...and I got bangs, I love them!


  1. Those pants are incredible! I'm a sucker for flares, and I even love the side detail along with the rusty orange color. Your '70s vibes are even more awesome going with a pair of platform shoes like the popular "Lita" lace-up booties. Cool shirt, cool hat, awesome outfit. Well played!

  2. Hair looks amazing! I would also never think I would like those jeans, but I do!

  3. you look so awesome! love it <3