Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Into the Wild.

 photo 63493141d6_zpsb757ed50.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-46_zpsb7884dc5.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX-35_zpsd8599984.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-38_zps6a366cde.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX-21_zpsa223b993.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-42_zps7a168694.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-40_zpsb7852342.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-36_zps7f02ed23.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-34_zpsfd091550.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-28_zps7ebcecc9.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-22_zpsb3c7961c.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-18_zps3cec4e2e.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX-4_zpsfeee2b2e.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-12_zps8884fe0d.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-6_zps09a8bc31.jpg
 photo INTOTHEWILDFOX_LOOKS-4_zpsac8d0aad.jpg
As designer Kimberley Gordon describes the inspiration behind the unique pieces, “When I was 11 and moved to California, we started going on camping trips and I haven’t stopped since. From Yosemite, Joshua Tree, tents, ghost stories, campfires, and bug spray, to first kisses, swimming, fishing, home made burritos, and bucket hats! Camping always makes for the most wonderful memories.” Gordon adds, “The open road through the desert with the windows down and heat rushing in or laying under the stars with your friends drinking whiskey and playing spin the bottle; the collection is inspired by all of these feelings and memories.  The last three weeks before school begins, the urgency of cramming in all the fun, and that feeling that you know it’s all going to end soon which makes it all the more magical.”

Wildfox Pre-Fall 2013 collection is so beautiful. I have already decided that I need the maxi dress in the first and second picture for my birthday, but I'll have to wait until Christmas because it doesn't come out until December, boo!!.....hopefully it is affordable! I mean isn't it gorgeous? I'm obsessed with it.

All the other pieces are amazing also and I would love to go camping while wearing every single outfit! I'm in love with those ombre shorts, the slip skirts, the beautiful knit sweaters, and the skyline print tops (and dresses!). My favorite top is the one that says "The Road is Home". Love, love, love it. I just posted my favorite looks (which was pretty much every look), but if you want to see the rest go here

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red, White, Blue's in the Skies. Summer's in the Air, and Baby, Heaven's in your Eyes.

 photo beachday3045_zps24be1a53.jpg
 photo beachday3086_zpsc967375d.jpg
 photo beachday3036_zpsb6db79ef.jpg
 photo beachday3047_zpsbb61d106.jpg
 photo beachday3084_zps2c0fb6b8.jpg
Sweater: Therapy, Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch

This is what I wore over my bikini on a not so warm afternoon at the beach. I am totally in love with this sweater from Therapy. First off, representing the best place on earth, America!! But it is also super soft, cozy, and warm. Perfect for late summer nights. This sweater scream Wildfox Couture to me, except at a much more affordable price. Perfection! I urge you to go grab yours before they are all gone!

And these shorts are the best denim shorts I've ever had. I've had them for about 6 years, and they have been worn so much that they hardly exist anymore haha. They aren't really appropriate for anywhere but the beach now days (even though I might be brave and wear them out elsewhere!)

I can't stop listening to Lana Del Rey these days. This song is one of my favorites, and the video is genius. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beach Part IIII.

 photo beachday3187_zps7e933982.jpg
 photo beachday3123_zps3e8d7bac.jpg
 photo beachday3140_zpsf7f5015e.jpg
 photo beachday3135_zpsddf7faf1.jpg
 photo beachday3185_zps21bd7ad7.jpg
Bikini: Billabong

Here's some pictures of our last day at the beach, and our tent aka "home" during our stay there!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Beach Part III.

 photo beachday2142_zpsa386ce25.jpg
 photo beachday2126_zps0003e75b.jpg
 photo beachday2149_zpsea1d5f20.jpg
 photo beachday2143_zps021bed4c.jpg   photo beachday2157_zpscacb96e5.jpg
 photo beachday2182_zpsf2e70d5b.jpg
 photo beachday2193_zpsc26aac82.jpg
 photo beachday2203_zps1a6caec4.jpg
 photo beachday3008_zps53f9466d.jpg
Swimsuit: Calvin Klein (thrifted) 

So I never thought I would wear a thrifted swimsuit, but this one changed my mind! It makes me feel like a 90's super-model, which is pretty awesome (it's crazy how a one-piece can make you feel sexier than a bikini!).
Anyways, I love this classic Calvin Klein swim-suit, and it was such a steal! (It looks a little psychedelic in these pictures, but it just has thing white and navy vertical stripes.) I wore it one evening after the sun went down, because I didn't want any funky tan-lines!

Jacob decided to play in the sand that evening and he made me a sand sea-turtle (2 of them!) and a sand mermaid! He's so talented, haha :)