Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Breastfeeding Experience.

While I was pregnant with Blair I wasn't sure if I wanted to breastfeed. It seemed scary to me. But after researching it and learning more about all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding I knew that I wanted to do it for my baby. I wanted her to have the best that there was to give.

 So I started to prepare! I read a book on it, I did tons of research, read blogs about it, and took a class. And after the class I just knew I would have no problem breastfeeding. I even told Jacob, "this is going to be easy". (HA!) 

 It was 12:15 AM and after 19 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing I was completely exhausted. I tried to feed Blair as soon as I could but she couldn't get a latch. I finally got her on and she was chomping down. It hurt so bad that I couldn't stand it, so they said I could try again in a little while. The lactation consultant wouldn't be available until morning so I only had the nurses to try and help me.

 Soon they came back and told me to feed her because I needed to keep her blood sugar up. So once again I tried. I couldn't get her to latch and Blair was red faced and screaming her head off because she was so hungry and I couldn't feed her. It was the worst feeling ever. The nurses were trying to help by forcing her on (which is so wrong, and I learned that in the class but I didn't care at the time I just wanted her to be able to eat). We finally got Blair on and she was once again chomping down but this time I let her. I wanted her to eat. I wanted to feed my baby. Forget the pain. After that my nipple was so tore up I was bleeding, it was absolutely awful. 

Several more times we tried and the nurses tried to force her on. Blair and I were both crying and exhausted. Blair would only try to nurse on one side (the tore up side) so that made it even worse. One nurse that was trying to help me asked if she could just milk my breast! Haha! I said yes and she did. She milked some colostrum into a spoon and we fed it to Blair. It wasn't much but it was something. The next feeding time rolled around and I just tried to do it myself. But after trying and trying Blair and I were both in tears and I called in a nurse to help me. This nurse tried a nipple shield. But it didn't work. She could see how upset I was and how bad I wanted this. And she asked me, "Have you ever thought about pumping? Let me go get you one and get you set up if you want." I immediately said "YES!" I honestly wish I could go back and hug her neck, it was the best thing any nurse could have done for me that night. 

 I pumped and got so much colostrum out that the entire staff was extremely impressed, haha. I got to put it in a bottle and for the first time, I got to enjoy feeding my tiny newborn. It was the best feeling in the world. Blair fell right to sleep on my chest after eating, ahh it was the best. I soon fell asleep too. I had some leftover so I was able to continue to feed her!

 The lactation consultant saw us first thing in the morning. She couldn't get Blair to latch and after trying several different positions and techniques she said she would come back and try again later. The next time she came back she tried and tried for the longest time. Tried to help Blair (not forcefully, thank the Lord). Finally she looked at Blair's mouth and determined that Blair had a lip-tie and if I wanted to breastfeed her we would need to get it sliced because it was preventing her from opening her mouth up completely and getting a good latch. She even went and brought us a doctor's name that could do the procedure and some more information about it.

 Of course Jacob and I said, "Absolutely not! There is no way we are slicing our tiny baby like that." So we decided then and there that I would exclusively pump. Jacob went and bought a double electric Medela breast-pump (seriously amazing). And his mom told me how I would need to pump every 2-3 hours to keep my supply up and going. 

 So that's what I did! I started out by pumping every 2.5 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night because that's when Blair would wake. Jacob was dedicated to my decision and he would get up with me every single night and feed Blair when she was hungry so I could pump and then wash all of my pumping gear. Every day and night we did this, but it became extremely difficult when Jacob went back to work. Having a newborn and pumping all day is super hard. It was very exhausting but I was determined to feed her breast-milk.

 About 2 months in though Blair started sleeping through the nights so I wanted to do the same. I didn't want to get up and pump anymore, I was tired. And that's when my supply started to dwindle. And soon I was only pumping every 4 hours during the day because it was so hard to spend 25 minutes pumping, then washing the gear when I had a newborn baby to take care of. It got to the point were I felt like I never got to spend anytime with Blair when she was awake because I was pumping and washing the gear afterwards. It was also hard to be able to do anything because I would need to pump! 

One time we decided to go to Fayetteville for the day, and I had to pump in the car on the interstate. Another time I had to go to the hospital and forgot my pump stuff. I was stuck there for hours and needed to pump so bad it hurt. Luckily the kind nurse brought me one and I was able to pump. When we would go to church and then to lunch I would need to get right back home and pump, we couldn't be out doing anything for very long periods of time. It was very frustrating.

 I exclusively pumped for 4 months. I am very proud of myself for doing so. I wish I was able to go for 6 months, which was my goal, but I just couldn't do it anymore. I was tired and I couldn't keep up with Blair's appetite any longer. I also wanted to be spending that time with my baby, I felt like I was really missing out. 

 I still feel horrible when I don't get to join in on conversations about breastfeeding and how amazing it is. And sadly I feel judged by a lot of people when I have to break out the formula and make Blair a bottle. I wish I didn't have to feel this way. I wish other moms would just accept whatever way people decide to feed their children, because you don't know their story and really all that matters is that the baby is being fed.

 I hope my story will show people not to judge other moms for their feeding choices. And I hope that if you are ever in a similar situation that you will ask the nurse for a pump. Don't be scared to ask. I wish I had known I had that option much sooner. Then I could have enjoyed my newborn baby girl instead of stressing about trying to feed her.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

9 Months!

 photo IMG_4939_zps9v2s1lwd.jpg
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 photo IMG_4946_zpsckimvpan.jpg
 photo IMG_4934_zpsd22znth8.jpg
 photo IMG_4936_zps65x5knzd.jpg
 photo IMG_4935_zpszizmqolk.jpg
 photo IMG_4958_zpsefrupzqx.jpg
 photo IMG_4959_zpsqdauj8xc.jpg
 photo IMG_4951_zpsygdxa9py.jpg
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 photo IMG_4949_zpspa36bdjd.jpg
 photo IMG_4950_zpsfouzrvut.jpg
 photo IMG_4960_zpsg9bg2suq.jpg

Happy 9 Months to my little princess! I love you so much! I'm hoping one day she's a Razorback just like her momma and daddy!

-And what are monthly pictures without some of her crying? She hates having to lay down, I'm such a mean momma to try and make her every month! Hehe :)

We had her 9 month appointment last week and she weighed 19 lbs 12 oz, and is 28.5 inches long! So she has definitely slowed down in her growing, but that's okay! I'm sure she'll hit another growth spurt soon!

Blair is almost walking by herself! She can do it but she acts like it's so scary, haha. But when she's not paying attention she walks 3-4 steps and then realizes she's doing it by herself and sits down. She's so silly. She does great walking and holding one of our hands though!

-She has 3 teeth! Her two bottom and one of her front top (it's barely poking through!)
-She can say hi, bye, dada, and done! No longer is saying momma, which is sad :(
-She loves oranges.
-She loves french fries.
-She loves water.
-She loves to play with the magnets on the refrigerator.
-Obsessed with stuffed animals and dolls.
-Loves everything Disney princess, which is funny cause she's never watched t.v.!
-Loves to look through her picture books (it's the cutest thing ever!)
-Her favorite book is "On the Farm: Pop-up Adventure" we read it like 15 times a day (I'm not exaggerating)
-Loves going to the park and playing in the dirt and grass.
-Loves going for walks in her stroller.
-Loves wearing hats (just like her momma!)
-She's sleeping through the nights most of the time!
-Points at everything, waves "hi" and "bye", claps, plays peek-a-boo, gives high-fives, and talks non-stop when she's at home. But won't in public haha.
-Loves going to the library for bubbles and books!
-Loves bathtime.
-Gives the best kisses, and has started giving them to us without us asking! I love it!

Happy 9 Months again my love, life just keeps getting better and better!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Last of the Florida Pictures!

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 photo IMG_2790_zpsbhs3aha3.jpg
 photo IMG_2824_zpssgjam6ro.jpg
 photo IMG_2835_zpsmufai4cx.jpg

I can't wait to take her back to the beach! She loved it so much and the beach is ten times more fun with her! 
I seriously couldn't get enough of those sandy toes! Just the cutest thing. 

We tries to capture how beautiful her eyes truly are at dinner one night because the lighting was perfect....we kind of succeeded. And that was her face she was making for every bit of table food we tried to feed her, haha! Luckily she has grown out of that phase already.

Blair and I were trying to convince Jacob that she needed her first skateboard.....he wasn't convinced. Maybe in a couple of years!

Blair did such a great job traveling to Florida and back home. I'm very proud of her! I can't wait for our next adventure, we are thinking the mountains next time! I'm so excited!

Friday, September 11, 2015

My little beach baby.

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 photo IMG_2451_zps0esouqgw.jpg
 photo IMG_4787_zps9mynmoq1.jpg
 photo IMG_2498_zpsqyuh01qt.jpg
 photo IMG_2473_zpsqocwpeev.jpg
 photo IMG_4781_zpstee1pss4.jpg
 photo IMG_2520_zpszlowj4rx.jpg

These two are heaven on earth. 

Blair didn't want to take pictures, she wanted to play in the water! So of course we let her. However we weren't planning on it so she didn't have a change of clothes with her so she ended up in her daddy's shirt! She thought it was the coolest thing ever. I can't get enough of this wild child.

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Love You to the Moon, but Further.

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 photo IMG_4768_zpsury0ocmc.jpg
 photo IMG_2619_zpsclsycre1.jpg
 photo IMG_2614_zpscrqouu2e.jpg
 photo IMG_2572_zpsaqjqebeh.jpg
 photo IMG_2581_zpsv24bxqmy.jpg
 photo IMG_2567_zpsefknzv8k.jpg

And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds, 
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and
I'd choose you.

Words can never describe the love I have for this little girl. She is so special to me. She is my sun, my moon, and all my stars. Jacob and I are so blessed that God gave her to us to raise up and that we get to watch her grow every day. I will never be able to thank him enough, even though I will every single day for the rest of my life.

Never settle for anything less than amazing. You are the most amazing person I've ever met, and I hope you will see yourself the way I see you when you get older. You are so beautiful and I love your spirit. I love your soul. I'm so excited to watch you blossom in life and I look forward to supporting you in all of you dreams and aspirations in life. I hope to always be the best momma to you because that's what you deserve. I love you more than you will ever know.