Sunday, September 13, 2015

Last of the Florida Pictures!

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 photo IMG_2824_zpssgjam6ro.jpg
 photo IMG_2835_zpsmufai4cx.jpg

I can't wait to take her back to the beach! She loved it so much and the beach is ten times more fun with her! 
I seriously couldn't get enough of those sandy toes! Just the cutest thing. 

We tries to capture how beautiful her eyes truly are at dinner one night because the lighting was perfect....we kind of succeeded. And that was her face she was making for every bit of table food we tried to feed her, haha! Luckily she has grown out of that phase already.

Blair and I were trying to convince Jacob that she needed her first skateboard.....he wasn't convinced. Maybe in a couple of years!

Blair did such a great job traveling to Florida and back home. I'm very proud of her! I can't wait for our next adventure, we are thinking the mountains next time! I'm so excited!

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