Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 2 in Florida!

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Those sunnies lasted about 5 seconds, haha. And the only reason they lasted that long is because I was holding her hands! And that poor hat is done-zo, she threw it into the ocean one too many times!

She was very keen on us walking her along the beach on day two. She wants to walk so bad, she makes us walk her nonstop! Very tiring on a momma and daddy's back!

After the beach we went and took a nap. Then I cooked dinner and we went back down to the beach for the sunset. We taught Blair what the moon is! And now when you say, "Blair, where is the moon?" she will look up at the moon and most of the time will point at it! It's so cool! It's amazing how fast she in learning things!! 

And one of her most favorite things to do is ride on her daddy's shoulders. She would stay up there forever if we would let her!

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