Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 1 at Navarre, Florida!

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We got to take Blair to the beach for the first time last week, and she loved it! I will never forget her first time her feet touched the sand or  the first time she swam in the ocean. She lunged straight for the sand and headed for the water! When we took her in the waves she squealed with delight! I love her sandy little face in these pictures, it's the best.

She also loves the taste of salt water, haha. At one point Jacob was holding her and I looked at her and she stuck her head in the water! I said, "Jacob!" and he pulled her head out and she just looked at us and started licking her lips nonstop. Haha. She kills me!

We went and ate at Shaggy's, it was real yummy. And I couldn't get over their high chairs! I mean look at those things! They are so cool!

And of course Blair wanted her picture with the shark! 

Can't wait to share the rest of our week with you all!

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