Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 Months.

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8 Months with this little angel! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Time is flying by and it makes this momma sad. I just want to keep her little forever! I mean I am starting to plan a 1st Birthday party already! Wow! Crazy!

Blair's personality is the best thing ever, and she's really been letting it shine lately! I love her to bits and this has definitely been my favorite age so far! 

She wasn't too thrilled about me trying to lay her down by the 8. She was either crying or pouting in most of the pictures, haha (like the ones above!) I even tried to bribe her with food....but she just refused to smile ever. She wants to be up and going at all times. I finally got her to sit by the 8 and got some really cute ones! I love them!

-Waving and saying "hi!"
-Claps and says "Yay!"
-Gives kisses.
-Has the cutest mean face in the whole entire world, I can't get enough of it! 
-Walks around with her walker, and she goes pretty fast too!
-Sleeps all night in her crib with her pink bunny, bear head, and Raggedy Ann.
-Always has to have one of those stuffed animals with her!
-Can say dada and momma. Says dada nonstop and momma only when she's upset.
-Loves her new car seat we just got her!
-Loves eating Lil Crunchies.
-Loves drinking water!
-Went to the splash pad for the first time and absolutely loved it!
-Has become more clingy to me (finally!)...I love it!
-Gives high fives.
-Loves going out to places.
-Still loves playing in the grass and water.
-Loves swinging at the park. 
-Favorite food I cook so far is Mexican Chicken.
-Her hair is growing like crazy.
-She is taking her first trip to the beach next week! (Wish us luck!)

I love seeing her smile every morning. She's just the best thing ever!

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