Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

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 photo halloween069_zps1deb462f.jpg
 photo halloween075_zps9a846853.jpg
Me: Top: DIY, Skirt: American Apparel, Hat: Free People, Belt: Thrifted, Boots: Forever 21, Gun: Dollar Tree
Jacob: Superman Outfit: Wal-Mart

Me, Jacob, and Crystal went out last Saturday for Halloween because Jacob has drill this weekend and we won't be able to celebrate (BOO!). We had a lot of fun last Saturday though! We danced the night away, man I love Halloween! 

I was a cowgirl inspired by this Wildfox lookbook. Definitely one of my favorite costumes yet. I felt super cute and fun! Jacob and I made the shirt from stuff we bought at Joanne's Fabric (t-shirt and iron-on letters). It would have only cost $7.00 but we kept messing up the iron-on letters....on the third try we finally got it done! And how stinking cute does Jacob look!?

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! What are you dressing up as?


  1. I always love your thrifted finds! The UK definitely needs to get better with thrift stores!