Saturday, July 21, 2012

Santa Monica Pier.

Crop-Top-American Apparel, Shorts-Thrifted DIY (Goodwill), Sweater- Wildfox Couture

After I got done with work Thursday, Jacob and I decided to head down to Santa Monica pier just to have some much needed fun! I watched Jacob play on the traveling rings for awhile (which he is REALLY good at!), then I convinced him that we needed a funnel cake for dinner. So we headed to the pier and got a yummy funnel cake! After that we went and rode the carousel because Jacob had never been on one, so of course we had too!

After all of these fun activities we went for a walk on the beach and watched the sunset. It was extremely beautiful. So I had to take advantage and snap some pictures! 

I finally got the Wildfox Couture sweater I've been wanting since I laid eyes on it....and yes it is perfect! I "might" have worn it every day since I got it. I can't help it, it's so cute, warm, and the softest sweater ever!! I love how the front is team California and the back is team New York.....which team are you on?!


  1. Love this pics of you and the ocean! Great sweater!

  2. Amazing pics, you look great. Love your denim shorts!