Saturday, November 29, 2014

38 Weeks!

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 photo 38weeks139_zps34d10fd9.jpg

Blair is 38 Weeks! She probably weighs 6.5 pounds (though I suspect she weighs more than that!) and is the size of a length! 

Sorry there are so many belly pictures, I just can't get over how....round it is! I mean seriously? Is that belly for real?? 

Jacob and I ventured out to snap some pictures on that very cold day (about 2 days ago), when a sweet shop owner asked us if we would like to come inside and take some pictures in her shop where we could stay warm. So of course we said yes, and went and snapped a few pictures (not the best lighting soooo that's why there is only one picture from inside the store!) Anyways, on our way out she gave me a rose for baby Blair. It was such a sweet gesture that I will always cherish. 

I am pretty miserable (though it could be much worse I'm sure. I am also bloated or swollen (WHATEVER!) beyond belief! My face looks like it's gained 5 pounds in one week. Pretty much can only fit into like 3 pairs of shoes, and those are tight. The ring that took my wedding ring's spot (about 3 months ago) is getting too tight.....and I had to add an extra link to my watch for it to fit! Ah!! Hopefully this little munchkin comes soon before I blow up anymore!!

Jacob is trying everything under the sun to try to induce labor. And every time I whine about a braxton hicks contraction his eyes get huge and he wants to time them to make sure they aren't real. He begs me to give birth every day because he wants to meet his daughter so bad. It really is the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see his face when I actually do go into labor.....and most of all when he sees our daughter for the first time.

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  1. Ah bless that shop owner for letting you shoot in her shop!

    I can't wait to hear about when baby Blair arrives!