Tuesday, November 4, 2014

35 Weeks!

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 photo 34weeks255_zpsf831219f.jpg

Blair is 35 Weeks today and is as big as a honeydew melon, probably weighing about 5.25 pounds!

35 Weeks for me means that EVERYTHING I do is uncomfortable. From breathing to sleeping to bending down to pick something up. (Even though I'd have to say sleeping and bending are the 2 worst). Luckily for me this is my last full week of work so I won't have to be doing crazy stuff like avoiding running into fixtures with my big belly....and bending over!

Jacob and I are so excited and ready for Blair to be here we could burst! We almost have her nursery done, we are just waiting on the dresser to be completed and we need to find a rocking chair that I like (it seems like an impossible task!). Hopefully this weekend will be a success in the rocking chair area. 

 This little munchkin gets the hiccups like crazy, especially after I drink Sprite (sorry I love Sprite so much these days little one!). She loves to kick momma in the ribs and stretch my belly out on one side so it looks like a little alien in trying to come through. It also feels like she is chewing on my insides sometimes, even though that's not the case (I hope!), I imagine it is actually little fingers or toes poking around and digging in.

My favorite thing is when I can see her practicing breathing through my stomach. The constant (but subtle) up-down movement brings a smile to my face. I love her so much already, I can't believe I will be holding her soon!!

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