Thursday, October 30, 2014

34 Weeks!

 photo pumpkin012_original_zpsa6ac1e79.jpg
 photo pumpkin016_zps1cb24eb2.jpg
 photo pumpkin090_zps4baa76c0.jpg
 photo pumpkin006_zps57e6188c.jpg
 photo pumpkin025_zpsbbed8982.jpg 
Blair is the size of a cantaloupe and probably weighs about 5 pounds!!

Happy Halloween!! (a day early!!)

I couldn't help myself, I had to take the predictable pumpkin/pregnancy pictures! I think they turned out super cute, and I love them! Even though my belly is slightly more a basketball and less a pumpkin (well this pumpkin at least)!

We had our 34 week appointment on Tuesday, and everything is going good! I'm even measuring at 35 weeks (a whole week early!!) So it's looking more and more like we might have a Thanksgiving baby! 

Blair is the wiggliest little baby, I absolutely love it. I can tell she's already just like her dad in the way that neither one of them can stay still for more than 5 minutes! Makes my heart happy to always feel her moving, I feel like she is ready to come out and is always looking for a way! But I need her to stay a little longer, so she will just have to be patient!

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