Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Weeks.

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 photo 31weeks041_zps0523038b.jpg

Blair is 31 Weeks! (Well she was on Tuesday!) She's as big as a bag of 4 Oranges or weighs as much as a coconut!

Things I am loving right now:

-She's getting so strong that it's starting to hurt when she kicks, elbows, or punches at times.
-The elderly man who walked up to us at the store and said, "It's a girl huh?"
-Washing baby clothes and the smell of the baby detergent gives me butterflies.
-Her crib being all set up, with a mattress and all!
-Our Baby Shower is this Sunday, I couldn't be more excited to spend the day with family and friends!
-Little baby socks. (They are the cutest things ever).
-Family that goes above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need. We couldn't do it without you. (you know who you are!)
-A husband that tells me I'm beautiful every single day.

Ever since before I got pregnant I have been in love with silhouette maternity pictures. One evening after dinner Jacob said he would be able to take them, so he drug me into Blair's room and took these beautiful pictures. I love them so much. He just keeps delivering when it comes to pictures! I love how he captured my outie belly-button, (It's just too much! Haha). And I love the simplicity of the pictures, such a beautiful way to show off my bump.

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  1. It's VERY safe to say that I haven't been here since the "Tiny Sailor" days! So this is my first time commenting on "I Married Adventure." With all of the changes in your life between the two blogs, I'd like to congratulate you and hope all is well with you. Please take care and be well.