Wednesday, November 12, 2014

36 Weeks.

Blair turned 36 Weeks yesterday! She probably weighs about 6 pounds and is as big as a Crenshaw Melon!

It's the beginning of month 9!! 

Blair is so wiggly, she loves to make my belly protrude in all different directions like she is trying to push her way out. She loves to kick me hard in the ribs. And she loves when she can hear me or Jacob talking, makes her go wild in there. It's the cutest thing ever.

The last week has been the toughest for me (besides the whole 1st trimester).  I have had a runny nose which has been making it impossible to sleep through an entire night because I can't breathe. It's starting to get better though, thank you Lord! I am getting Braxton Hicks contractions every day, and those are no fun! Also, when we go out to town I instantly want to go back home and lay in bed while Jacob rubs my feet. So I'm kind of a boring Betty these days.

We got to make an extra visit to the hospital because of a pesky little spider. It was on my side of the car door. Jacob tried to protect me and kill it, and then the spider jumped, I jumped (and this whole time I was screaming), and Jacob jumped to get him. Well that resulted in Jacob's arm smashing into my belly pretty hard....and me being the spaz I am insisted we call the doctor and ask if everything was okay. And the doctor that was on-call insisted we come in to check. Where in return we had to get my blood drawn to see if Blair's had mixed at all with mine, and it had by .1%. So then they made me get another Rhogam shot. UGH.

Can I just repeat myself and say that I hate being RH Negative?

But our baby is okay. We got to see our doctor yesterday and she told us it was totally normal for baby's blood to mix a little and we shouldn't be worried. She also told us that she thinks I will last the whole 40 weeks. I'm happy Blair gets to cook a little longer but I was hoping maybe to last only a couple more weeks cause I am feeling miserable and I'm getting extremely impatient. I'm ready to meet our little girl!

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