Friday, October 30, 2015

1st Annual Pumpkin Patch!

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One of my favorite things about having our new addition to the family is starting new traditions with her! We went to the pumpkin patch for the first time ever and we had a blast! I'm looking forward to going every year from here on out! (Until Blair thinks she's too cool to go...meh.)
We went with our besties Crystal, Sean, and Charles! We had lots o fun going through the corn maze, looking at pumpkins, trying to get pictures, petting the animals, and riding in the wagon!
As you can see Blair was not really into taking pictures! She wanted to play in the dirt the whole time so when we would pick her up she would get so mad!! This girl and her dirt, leaves, and sticks....I tell you what!
Tomorrow is Blair's 1st Halloween, I'm pretty excited! Luckily we already had a little photo-shoot because it's supposed to be cold and! I will post the pictures soon!!

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  1. She is such like a beauty, thanks for sharing such post with us.