Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10 Months.

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Our sweet baby is 10 months old! I can't believe how fast she is growing. It seriously feels like we have a toddler on our hands these days!
We had to give her the little pumpkin so she would lay down for these pictures....lasted 5 minutes...got some goodies though.
Also we went to the NWA Vintage Market and she loved it. Was more interested in getting to the grass than shopping though!
Blair started walking on my birthday! Best birthday present ever! She just took off and hasn't stopped! She was 9.5 months when she started walking, she's just too impatient to wait on her milestones. I love watching her walk around it's by far the cutest thing in the world. My little tiny person, I love you!
-Blair tries to do "Itsy-bitsy Spider" with me, by waving her hands around when I start singing it, it's my favorite!
-She says all kinds of words like "ball, bye, hi, done, da-da, moo" and my favorites..."Momma and Baby"
-She calls her stuffed animals and baby dolls and other little kids "Baby" it melts my heart.
-She insists on brushing her own hair, won't let us do it.
-She loves dressing up. She always wants to have a necklace on. These days she wants to wear 4 or 5 and cries if I don't let her.
-Loves pretty, sparkly, frou-frou clothing.
-Loves when you tell her how pretty she is.
-Loves wearing headbands and hats.
-This girl is just really all about accessorizing!
-She' extremely girly and I love it.
-She still loves getting dirty though! She loves digging in the dirt.
She's obsessed with leaves and collects them nonstop.
-Obsessed with sticks, but she isn't allowed to have them (makes her mad!)
-Loves spaghetti, chicken-pot-pie, and Mexican chicken.
-Refuses to let us feed her. She has to do it herself (very messy process!)
-Blows kisses and waves all the time.
-Loves seeing the moon at night and seeing birds fly around during the day.
-Gets spooked by big fake spiders/skeletons/ghosts and will hide in our necks.
-Obsessed with her stuffed animals and dolls they are her "babies"
-Will kiss her "babies" all the time but only kiss mom and dad every once in awhile.
-Loves yogurt bites.
-Loves goldfish.
-Thinks she has to be standing when she's taking a bath (we are working on it)
-Hides behind her hands when playing peek-a-boo, and says "BOO!"
-Hates riding in her car-seat.
-Loves bubbles and books at the library!
-Her hair is growing like crazy and has a bit of curl to it.
-She has 4 teeth! 2 bottom and 2 top!
-Has perfected the fish face and the kissy face.
-She points at everything, she's so curious!
-She roars at us like she's a bear, it's so cute.
-Loves to play blanket-fort more than anything after bath-time.
-Has started dancing more now when she hears music.
-Loves playing with other babies.
-Would be outside all day every day if we let her.
-Has been acting shy lately, which is a new thing for her.
-She is very snuggly and loves giving us and her babies hugs.
-Smiles so big when she sees an airplane flying by.
-Refuses to look at the camera when we are taking her picture most of the time.
She is absolutely amazing, and I'm sure I'm leaving out a hundred things, and I could go on forever about how perfect she is! How did we ever live without her!? Jacob and I were just talking about this the other day. She brings so much joy to our lives and makes every single day wonderful in someway. We are so in love it's unreal. She is everything that is wonderful.

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