Monday, June 14, 2010

gulf oil spill.

What these beaches used to look like, white sand and clear blue water. So beautiful.

The Gulf Oil spill, eats away at my heart. How did they let this happen? The oil is ruining our beautiful beaches, ruining the sea creatures and birds homes, and it is killing these poor creatures left and right. It makes me sick to my stomach.

My love and I have been going to these beaches every summer since we have been together. We have enjoyed the beauty of these beaches and we have had some of the best times of our lives here. And now the sand is covered with stinking oil that is burning in the sun, the water is filled with oil, and it is harming the animals terribly. Not only is it hurting the birds, it is also affecting the deep sea creatures such as the sharks and dolphins. There has to be something we can do right?

If you are not able to donate money or travel down to the beaches to help shovel away the oil or help save the animals...then please do these simple things here to help:

-don't support BP gas stations. If you have to get gas get it somewhere else.
-ride your bike so you don't need to buy gas at all! Or carpool as much as possible.
-please pray for the gulf beaches and all the creatures and people living there.
-check out this young girl, Olivia, she is drawing pictures of birds for people who donate money, we should all take inspiration from her and do something to help.


  1. It is heartbreaking and fills me with anger. Sometimes I hate being human. We are destroying this planet. A planet that was here before us and I only hope that it will recover after us.

  2. This hurts me so badly. I will check out Olivia's drawings. I really agree with all the things you put on here to help. I'm glad you posted this.


  3. the videos and news saddens me as well!!! i hope they are able to fix this asap! thanks for sharing these ideas..

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  4. The fact that this is killing sealife and birds breaks my heart, its disgusting how this ever happened in the first place. They should have plans for if something like this happens.

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