Sunday, September 14, 2014

Petit Jean Mountain.

 photo photo-74_zpse3139d4b.jpg
 photo cabin023_zpsc3f2bbdd.jpg
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 photo cabin140_zps05c2049d.jpg
 photo cabin157_zpscbeee1d4.jpg
 photo cabin176_zpsea8417fb.jpg
 photo cabin160_zps08f3da2d.jpg
 photo cabin182_zps26c66b98.jpg
 photo cabin189_zps138651be.jpg
 photo cabin248_zpsd77dc511.jpg

Forgot to post these pictures from when Jacob and I spent a couple of days up on Petit Jean  Mountain. It was so nice to escape reality for  a minute and just hang out with no distractions. We had a great time wondering around, exploring, and relaxing.

-Baby bump and wildflowers, 2 of my favorite things.
-Sporting Jacob's shorts, because only one pair of mine fit these days.
-I love seeing her name with ours.
-A hearty lunch!
-Beautiful flowers once again.
-Climbing mountains (or really big rocks that feel like mountains)
-Enjoying the view
-It's beautiful there.
-Blair and I <3 p="">
-I had so much fun!
-Much needed park sign picture.
-Old abandoned paddle boats.
-The love of my life.
-Random sticks that make JN, we thought it was the coolest!
-Can't get enough of this guy.
-Baby lizard Jacob caught!
-Country life.

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