Thursday, September 4, 2014

26 Weeks.

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Blair is the size of an Eggplant!!

I'm actually 25.5 weeks in these pictures, but I'm 26 weeks this week so we are just going with that!

No denying that this girl right here is pregnant anymore! It's crazy how much my belly grew in a few weeks! I love it! I love seeing my belly grow cause I know that means my little munchkin is growing too. 

We have determined that Blair like to be posted up on the left side of my body, since that's where she's always moving and it sticks out a tiny bit more than the right side. Before I even told my mom this theory she was feeling my belly and was telling me that's where Blair is. And then we had a small ultrasound and yep! That's where she is posted up on the left side!

Last week we spent a couple of days up at Jacob's parents cabin up on the mountain. It was nice to escape for those days with my love. We got to relax and play and not worry about anything. It was a much needed mini vacation. We took these belly pictures one morning before we went out adventuring. Jacob has a great eye for great lighting and I'm glad he suggested it because I love these pictures!

This Saturday we have an ultrasound and I'm so excited! This will probably be the last time we get to see her before birth, so I'm going to cherish every second! My mom and dad  are coming up to go with us to the ultrasound, and of course Kharter. (I can't wait to see  what he will think about it!) Also my besties Rosalva and Crystal are coming! Meep!
 -Side note, we are not having this done at a doctor's office, we are going to a private ultrasound company to have it done like we did before to find out the gender.- 

Oh, and how about that bellybutton! Haha!

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