Tuesday, September 9, 2014

27 Weeks.

27 Weeks today! Blair is the size of a Cucumber and probably weighs over 2 pounds!

Also today marks the beginning of the 3rd Trimester! I'm excited yet nervous at the same time, because I've heard the 3rd Trimester can be just as hard as the first (here's to hoping that it's not!) I can't believe I will probably be holding my little munchkin in 13 weeks! AHHHH! So exciting!
We got to see Blair on Saturday, and she is still as cute as ever! She was making all sorts of faces, including the duck face. Haha. Oh man, it was super funny and cute all at the same time. She was opening and closing her mouth, pretty sure we saw a tiny smile for a second, she was wriggling around the entire time (this girl is a mover!), and we saw the most precious ankles I've ever seen. Who would've thought baby ankles were so cute!?

My mom and dad took the vintage dresser we bought for her and they are going to repaint it. I'm so excited to get it back I just know it's going to be gorgeous! 

Also, no more complaining from me about not having a belly. Cause it's here and it's huge! I love it. I love that people are FINALLY asking me about my baby and giving me baby advice. (Most people seem to hate that....but I'm loving it). And I finally had to throw in the towel and buy some maternity clothing. I got some jeans, leggings, and a dress! So hopefully I will be set for the rest of the pregnancy if I can find some good sweaters, flannels, and over-sized shirts while thrifting.

Next week is the dreaded 28 week appointment where I have to take the glucose screening test, get the Rhogam shot, and the Pertussis Shot. Wah. Hopefully everything goes good, prayers would be greatly appreciated!

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