Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Name.

 photo 20weeks021_zps1c5b2173.jpg
 photo 20weeks053_zps68b5f217.jpg
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 photo 20weeks045_zps362c71c5.jpg
Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Asos, Necklace: Forever 21 

Baby is the length of a Banana!
Baby is 20 weeks and 1 day!! We went in for our 20 week appointment yesterday and got to see her again, and got some amazing pictures!! It's my favorite when I get to see her little face, feet, and hands. She's just so lovely. 

She's moving like crazy in my tummy these days. I love to feel her wiggling around in there! And I love that Jacob can feel it now too! I love how his eyes light up when I tell him baby is kicking, and he just drops whatever he is doing so he can put his hand on my tummy. It's the cutest. 

So, we have her name. And I'm ready to share it with you all! I told my 3 year old nephew, Kharter, her name and he calls her Baby Bear. It's kind of the cutest thing ever. He brings me his old baby toys and says, "Baby Bear can have this.", "Baby Bear needs this, it was mine when I was a baby.", "Is that for Baby Bear?" Haha. I love it! So have you guessed her name yet?

Our Baby girl's name is....
Blair Nicole


  1. What a perfect name!!!

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful name and gorgeous outfit. Any gossip girl inspiration going on there?


  3. Baby Bear is the cutest nickname. I hope it sticks!
    What a cute baby face she has! Also, I love your outfit.

  4. Niki, would you please reply to my message on FB? you can find it in your `other` inbox. it's emotional, i apologize.. but it would be a huge honor