Thursday, February 3, 2011

cape dory.

Take me out baby, I wanna go sail tonight!
I can see the ocean floor, in the pale moon light.
Oh, let’s explore the shelter banks 'til the morning light,
And we won’t turn back to the shoreline is out of sight,

We can play in the surf holding hands
And nap through the day on sun bathed sands
We can live on a island of old conch shells
We could listen to the sound of the ocean swells

Do you wanna go where it never snows
And the mid-sixties are the extreme lows
Well, I know a place hidden by the sea
We could drift all day in the gentle breeze

Oh, shalala, shalalala!

I just discovered this band, Tennis. Tennis incldes, hubby and wife Alania Moore and Patrick Riley who came up with their debut album, Cape Dory during their almost yearlong sailing trip. The album is a documentary of their adventures while at sea. I love this album...I think it's perfect for those wintery days when you are dreaming about summer and being at the beach, and for those warm summer days that you can ride around with your windows rolled down and have it blasting out of your car. This album is beachy, fun, and it's pretty much perfect in my book!

And I am still snowed in....blah!

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