Monday, March 10, 2014

The Ride.

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 photo Free-People-Catalog-March-2014-40-41_zpsac681baa.jpg
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 Images Via: Free People

Obsessed wouldn't even begin to describe how I feel about Free People's latest catalog. It's simply amazing. It shows us the kind of days that I constantly dream about. Being on the road with the love of my life, exploring and traveling, kissing and cuddling, wearing the most chic/comfy clothes and taking gorgeous pictures. Perfection. I want every single item Erin is wearing!

When Jacob and I were getting married I begged him to elope in Vegas with know married by Elvis and everything tacky like that....(but how fun and memorable would that be!?). He refused though, because he really wanted a wedding that we could share with family and friends. Which I am very happy with our decision to have our beautiful wedding in Arkansas, but still a tiny part of me wishes we would have just eloped! Jacob knows this and he promised that when we get the chance to go to Vegas that we will get married by Elvis and renew our vows. Which I think will be even better than eloping in the first place! I will get the fairy-tale wedding and the Vegas Elopement!

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