Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Washington, D.C.

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Jacob and I headed to Washington, D.C. the weekend of Valentine's Day. We were desperate to hit up the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, because it has dinosaur fossils...duh! Parking was impossible to find, but we did eventually find some about a mile away...(too cold for that! yuck!) While walking to the Natural History Museum though we stumbled across the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. I loved it. So many beautiful sculptures (my favorites are the first 3 pictures). There was even a cute ice skating rink....but I was extremely cold and couldn't bare to do it (the cold really gets to me yall!) And there was the cutest little restaurant right near the rink with huge glass walls so you could see everything outside. I had a chocolate-chip muffin and Jacob had blueberry. They were huge and delicious. I want to go back there when we visit D.C. again!

After breakfast we finally made it to the Natural History Museum. It was awesome that it was free admission...but that also ment that it was extremely crowded! Even though we were a little claustrophobic at times, we still loved every bit of the museum. My favorites were the dinosaur fossils (childhood dream come true!), the mummies, and the gem stone rooms. I have never seem such real life mummies up close and personal....and I have never seen so many beautiful gems. My favorites included the Sapphires and the Hope Diamond (which reminds me of the Heart of the Sea..Titanic!) I also loved the ocean section, it was amazing to see all the creatures and animals and read all the information about them. They pretty much had every single animal on display that you can was neat!

Oh and how crazy is the creature in the 9th picture down? Did you know that is a Giant Sloth? How fun! They were so huge but just like our sloths we have now! We also saw fossils of horses from back in that era, and they used to be the size of small puppies. I died! I want a small horse pet so bad now!

After the Museum we decided to trek on over to the White House. I've also dreamed of seeing it since I was a little girl....and really wasn't that impressed. Meh. I was hoping to be able to get closer but I should have known better!

Then we went on to the American History Museum. My favorite thing there was getting to see all of the First Lady's Inaugural Ball dresses. They were so beautiful! My favorite was worn by Pat Nixon (pictured above) I just love the yellow and the jewels! So classic and chic!

We are definitely going back to DC because there is still so much to see! I can't wait to explore it even more!

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