Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jamestown, Virginia.

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Jacob and I both love US History, so you can bet that we had a blast exploring Jamestown and Yorktown last weekend.

We went to Jamestown first, which is where the first permanent English establishment took place. So you could say, it is the birthplace of the USA. And it is also the hometown of Pocahontas (one of my favorite Disney princesses!).

I loved seeing the statues of Pocahontas and John Smith, although the real story is very different than the Disney movie I still felt like a little kid in fairy-tale land. We got to go to 2 different museums with all kinds of ancient artifacts, such as pipes, armor, swords, baking ovens, arrowheads, jewelry, and much more! One of the museums contained skeletons of the early settlers, one still had a bullet in his leg bone from the gun shot that killed him! It was one of the neatest things I've ever seen (not meaning to be heartless here!). Then we got to see a skull of a young girl which showed that some of the settlers had resorted to cannibalism during the starvation period, very gruesome and sad. 

 We got to see graves of settlers that the archeologists had recently found, replicas of the barracks the settlers lived in, rebuilding of the Church Tower, and some old burned up houses that the settlers used to live in. We also got to see glass being made, because the settlers used to make it, so they continue the tradition! It was such a great trip!

Then we had an hour of sunlight left so we drove over to Yorktown to see the Yorktown Victory Monument. It is so beautiful and I love everything that it stands for, our freedom!!

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