Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stripes and Sequins.

 photo christmas224_zps30f819d4.jpg
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 photo christmas203_zps0dc319e4.jpg
Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Asos, Shoes: Thrifted (Prada)

Hard to believe that I was just wearing this outfit a week ago when we had 65 degree weather, and then a few days later we had 7 inches of snow and it's below freezing. Brr!! Jacob and I have been stuck in the house for the past 2.5 days, even though Jacob was brave today and we ventured out to the store for some food (we tend to eat non-stop when stranded and ran out fast). I was sweating bullets the entire ride and refused to let him take us anywhere else. (Driving on ice and snow is scary!) 

We also decided to take the plunge and get Netflix, (which is amazing and I can't believe we've went so long without it!). So the past few days have been filled with watching every season of The Walking Dead and The Hart of Dixie, (haha we take turns with our picks!).

I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it on Asos website. I really am a sucker for anything that is covered in sequins....I am currently looking for some sequin pants but every pair I like it sold out...meh! I thought I would make it less fancy with this cute striped crop top! Definitely one of my favorite outfits to date....wish I had a holiday party to wear it too...and I wish the weather would warm back up so I would be able to wear it!


  1. Haven't been on "tiny sailor" in a while... Anyhow, cute cropped top, and I love this sequin skirt. The pumps are also very stylish, as is the necklace. Your hair looks nice as well.