Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun.

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Top: American Eagle, Shorts: Thrifted (DIY), Shoes: Vans, Socks: Stance Socks

Jacob and I have been talking about getting long-boards for awhile, and so for his birthday we went ahead and took the plunge! And I'm glad we did, we are having so much fun on these things, I feel like a little kid again!! The only downside is I already think I am a professional and can do long hills.....which has been a terrible mistake both times. I've wiped out twice and I have the worst road burn ever, ugh it hurts so bad. I got my shoulder, knee, and wrist real good last night. My shoulder of course is the hurts to even pull up my hair :( I think I will stay away from the hills for awhile, at least until I have more experience...and some elbow and knee pads!

Jacob is already awesome and hasn't had a wreck yet, wish I was as graceful and cool as him ;) 
We thought we would take some pictures of us just goofing off around the apartment, I was still a little shaky from my wipe-out last night but I got back on it and even went down a few smaller hills! Yay me!

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