Friday, January 18, 2013

Petit Jean Mountain.

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Jacob and I spent the past few days at his parents cabin up on Petit Jean Mountain. It was so much fun! I love being able to spend time with Jacob without anything to worry about or anything to do, it's so nice!

The first whole day we were there we went hiking down down to Cedar Falls to see the beautiful water-fall pictured above. It was extremely cold and we got wet from being so close but it was worth it! The next day we went hiking on the trail with the Turtle Rocks (don't they look just like turtles!?) and then we went hiked to the "cave" where there are Indian paintings, very cool!

The follwing day we were planning on going horse-back riding but we got snowed in! Ah! Wouldn't have been bad at all if we had bought some food....but we hadn't! Luckily Jacob's dad came to the rescue and brought us some pizza! (It's tough roughing it, let me tell ya).

It was an amazing week with the man that I love, we got to hike, enjoy sunset dinners, and sunsets on the side of the mountain. We got to talk, relax, sleep-in, play, dance, and drink lots of hot chocolate.
 It was also a lot of fun to watch Jacob building a fire....haha, men and their fires!

I love that guy.


  1. love how it looks so isolated, peaceful and divine over there!! great photos dear!! good to hear/read that u had a grand time! :D

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  2. This place looks so beautiful, I wish I had a little getaway in the mountains!