Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have been pretty busy this week doing all kinds of things...including going wedding dress shopping with my best friend Amanda, her dress is stunning!! I'm jealous :) Haha. She's getting married next July to Dylan and I can't wait!

I'm going in for a hair-cut in a couple of weeks, I'm ready for a I was thinking big chunky bangs....the kind I can wear straight across or to the side if needed. What do you guys think?!


  1. hey dear!!! i just emailed you something.. i think it was sent to the email you have in your profile here in blogger. do check it out if you have the time!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. great pictures! haha... wanna play dress up now.
    and go for it! i think that look will look lovely on you.

  3. Chunky bangs that you can sweep to the side if needed sounds fine =D !
    Make sure you get some amazing hair accessories to go with the new hairstyle :P It is a MUST <3
    I loved these pics the most !
    That HEEL ! And the color of the shoe <3
    Does anyone know any online stores that ship worldwide for lace up boots ? You know ankle boots... similar to the ones that taylor momsen wears in her make me wanna die vid ?
    Chanel <3
    Or you can wear a pair of high waisted shorts intead of the high waisted skirt =D
    And that one <3

  4. loving the new header:) you look so pretty!

  5. These pictures are really amazing! :) I love your blog, you have great style! ^_^
    I think full bangs will look gorgeous on you, deffinately go for it!

    xo Kiersten

  6. Hey I just found your blog through Ariel's post.

    I love those flats up there. Super cute!

  7. i looooove your outfits!

    Im your new follower!:)


  8. Really inspiration to us, love this chanel <3
    your blog have nice posters , love this! follow me too!

  9. Ariel had put a mention to your blog on her latest post...and I'm so glad she did!

    Life as an undergrad at a business college in PA:


  10. love this post - second pic is my fave xxx

  11. Bangs would definitely suit you! and those pictures are really inspiring thanks :) im in love with the red dress looks so beautiful

    Monica xoxo

  12. P.S. your style reminds me so much of Urban Outfitters! do you shop there?

    Monica xoxo

  13. Hi, I love your blog! You've got nice clothes and your pictures are giving me a lot of inspiration! Thanks

  14. Those skull shoes are amazing!
    On the haircut front, go for it! Bangs instantly update a look, and grow out quickly if you decide you don't like I say give it a try!