Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Weekend.

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Blair is 23 weeks this week and she weighs as much as a large mango....which means she weighs a little over 1 pound!

 Last weekend was great. We got to go to the Grape Festival with friends, Crystal, Sean, and his family. It was nice walking around and hanging out all night. And I think fairs are the cutest so I love seeing everything! 

The next day we got to go to Fayetteville to take pictures of my friend Dawn's beautiful family! After pictures we went and ate at my favorite pizza place, Tiny Tim's Pizza. And then we walked around the square and took some pictures! I have been looking/feeling extra pregnant this week, so that's pretty exciting! Even though, no one seems to notice still. (I think it's because I look huge everywhere..)

While in Fayetteville we stopped by one of our favorite vintage flea market shops and found the perfect dresser for Blair's room! It needs to be repainted really bad but both of our parents said they would be willing to do it, so we bought it! Now she officially has a bookshelf and a dresser! Yay! All we need now is a crib and a rocking chair!

I started work this week. And kudos to all you moms out there that work full-time while being pregnant! I don't know how you do it! I've worked 2 days in a row so far and my back hasn't stopped hurting since the first day. And my thighs are screaming from the second day....cause I had to do the "pregnancy squat" all day because my shorts are too tight to bend over normally....(and I'm talking about my big baggy boyfriend shorts here). Oh I hope it gets better or I might be a trophy wife again soon! (Please no judgement!)

And one last thing that happened of my best friends, Rosalva, bought Blair her very first J Crew clothing....and her first chambray shirt! So cute, I'm dying!

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  1. Keep doing the squats at work! It'll be kinder to your back and help strengthen/stretch your legs and thighs for giving birth.