Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pink Stripes.

 photo stripes007_zps01cec4ee.jpg
 photo stripes046_zps5ceef12e.jpg
 photo stripes031_zps697c8cae.jpg
 photo stripes045_zpsb47b8a90.jpg
 photo stripes034_zps8e14877e.jpg
 photo stripes004_zps19caa93b.jpg
 photo stripes048_zps9c2742b2.jpg

 Top: J Crew, Shorts: Asos, Flats: H&M

So this is the outfit I wore on Monday while out and about with Jacob. Beautiful weather, sun shining, and not a care in the world. But now, with 5 am work days the weather has changed with my mood!! It's cold and rainy and we are expecting snow tomorrow! How much more crazy can this Arkansas weather be?! I need my 80 degree sunny days back!!! Rain or shine though I am super excited to go to my parents this weekend. I can't wait to see my family I miss them so much!

Jacob and I haven't been up to much, just working and planning our adventures for this summer! (Meep!) I can't wait to escape with him and make more amazing and fun memories! We are definitely hitting up the beach and along with that trip we want to take one somewhere totally different, we have some ideas but do y'all have any suggestions?

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