Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"i'm anna della ruso, described as a fashion victim"

"I enjoy to try different things, to never be the same. Fashion to me is my way to escape myself. I don't want to be stiff, I don't want to be always myself...boring." -Anna Della Ruso

I love Anna Della Ruso, she has fun style....And in this video, she took the words right out of my mouth. As most of you have noticed I don't have a set style, some days I like to dress like a rocker, hippie, beach bum, while other days I like to dress very girly and chic a la Blair Waldorf. I just like to have fun with fashion and wear what I like, and not be the same everyday....don't ever be too predictable!! Have fun with fashion and take risks.....

-and can I just say man I wish I could wear a boat on my head!! :)

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  1. wintour and della ruso are like opposites! haha.. too awesome! :)