Monday, September 27, 2010



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I could wear this dress everyday and be happy, it's so breathtaking. I'm in love.

I finally got my cheetah print Jeffrey Campbell wedges today! They are pretty much everything I hoped they would be, but a little to work on breaking them in I wore them to the post office, and I have never had so many people stare at my feet non-stop, haha. They don't know what to think about those wedges here in Arkansas. ;)
I really am dying to take pictures in them, but my photographer is at work, like always :( womp womp.I think we all need to convince him to work less and take more pictures!! Yeah!

And my birthday is in 2 days! So I finally get to wear my beautiful sea foam green vintage dress out to dinner, and I promise there will be pictures!! But my actual party isn't until October 8, so you'll have to wait to see my feather dress I got!! Meep! I'm so excited!!! :)


  1. oh wow.. advance happy bday!! :D that leopard dress is indeed stunning!!

    cant wait to see you in your jcs!! :D

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  2. Ooooo I love that dress. :) And I can't wait to see your new JC's. Wheeeee.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  3. Oh, I love leopard. It's so pretty, in that photo above. I really want to see your shoes. Happy early birthday!

  4. advanced happy birthday! i saw blair on gossip girl was wearing a leopard dress as well, omgod, love it!!!

    anyway, i'm having a giveaway on my blog for a coach poppy charm. hope you come check it out! thanks, hun!!

  5. OMG! This dress is really amazing! :) Oh and I want to see you new shoes! :]

  6. i love that dress! anything with leopard print :) which JC wedges are they? I have the "Wildcat" ones, i think. Can't wait to see yours! And I know what you mean, I live in a small unfashionable town, so I get some looks sometimes, depending on what I'm wearing :)
    Happy early Birthday! Excited to see the dresses!