Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6 Months.

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Blair is 6 Months old!

She is definitely my little wild child. And I love her to pieces! I hope she always knows just how wonderful she truly is. Every morning I look forward to seeing that smile and hear her tell me about her night. (She's a jabber queen that's for sure!). She lights up my world and I'm so blessed to call her mine.

We aren't getting shots until the end of the month, for different reasons, but when we do we will let you know all her stats! :)

Here's what this little munchkin has been up to lately!

-Can pull herself up! She's very good at it, but she gets excited and lets go and bam! Falls and hits her face. (We don't like that very much).
 -Is so close to crawling it hurts. Gets up and rocks but then nothing.
-Can still get around by rolling and lunging.
-Can sit up by herself when she's laying down.
-Tries to lunge off the bed EVERYDAY. 
-Loves her walker!
-Tries to stand up by herself with no help, she really wants to walk so bad. 
-Wears 6-12 Month clothing.
-Loves going outside and playing with the grass.
-She's obsessed with grass actually, she sees it and it's all she cares about.
-Eating lots of solids, she likes vegetables more than fruits (are we sure she's mine?! haha!)
-Tries to drink out of our water bottles.
-Loves swimming in her little duck pool.
-Loves going for walks in her stroller.
-Tries to lunge out of the basket at stores, thank the Lord we strap her in!
-No teeth yet!
-Drools like it's her job.
-Doesn't take very good naps anymore (Sleep regression?)
-Loves airplane.
-Is impossible to change her diaper or get her dressed because she rolls away then tried to crawl away...all while screaming and kicking. (Attitude!)
-Can sit in highchairs at restaurants.
-Obsessed with her cousin Kharter, I'm actually jealous of his powers to make her laugh nonstop every time he talks to her.
-Sleep Regression has hit this household hard. Refuses to sleep by herself for more than an hour at a time. That means she's in bed with this momma every night. (ooops!) When dad gets back we will be in trouble! Haha.

This girl keeps me on my toes that's for sure and I wouldn't have it any other way (well maybe she could please sleep in her crib all night again...that'd be nice!). I love watching her grow and discover new things everyday. She's everything I dreamed of and more!

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