Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Last weekend Jacob and I headed to Washington DC to attend The Cherry Blossom Festival! And to our surprise, the Cherry Blossom trees haven't bloomed yet :( what a bummer! We made the best of it though. We went and saw the Iwo Jima Memorial, which is just absolutely amazing. Then we drove by the Arlington Cemetary where thousands of soldiers have been buried, may they rest in peace.

After that we headed to see the Lincoln Memorial! On our walk there we got to take some pictures with the Washington Monument (which is still under construction). And we got to see the capital in the distance behind the Monument, it was gorgeous. We finally reached Lincoln and it was everything I imagined it would be. It was definitely a childhood dream come true! And I was so glad to see it at night time because I felt like it has much more of a WOW factor at night with the light shining up on him.

After checking that out we sat on the steps to the Lincoln Memorial in front of the Reflection Pool and watched the Cherry Blossom Festival Firework show from the distance. It was perfect. It was extremely cold though, Jacob insisted that I not only wear my coat but that I also wear his. Haha, he's so perfect and crazy. I felt so bad for him cause I know he was freezing but there was no way talking him out of it. 

On our trek back to the car we stopped at the World War II Memorial, which is the most beautiful memorial I've ever seen, the fountain and wreaths are amazing. And of course we found the Arkansas wreath!

After that we ran into some trees with white lights, and in my book you can never go wrong with white lights! And a cute little cobblestone road. We are hoping to make it back to DC in order to actually get to see all the Cherry Blossom Trees bloomed, to tour the capital, and to see the other memorials that we missed this time around.

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