Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wild Wilderness Safari.

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 Yesterday Jacob and I drove up to Gentry, Arkansas to check out the Wild Wilderness Safari that we have heard such wonderful things about...and I'm so glad we did! We had a blast!

We got to play with 3 month old lion cubs, named Kiara and Kovu, such an amazing experience! They are feisty little things and like to bite and claw, but they aren't strong enough to actually hurt you yet....even though I was not near as brave as Jacob, that crazy boy let them go near his face! Haha, I did get the cutest picture ever though because of it. Now we can check playing with baby lions off of our bucket list!

While there we also got to feed a momma and baby giraffe. How insane are their tongues?  They were licking our hands and face (gross but also very cool) while we were feeding them lettuce. Then we got to feed little lemurs (their hands are so soft and dainty!) And then we got to go play with kangaroos! Can you believe it! Haha, they are so cute and fun. We were in a pin with about 7 or 8 of them. They let us pet them and feed them. It was amazing!

After playing and petting all the cute animals we got to go on a drive through safari in our car! We got to see all kinds of things like white buffalo (so beautiful), Texas longhorns (so massive), zebras (they came right up to the car and I got to pet one!), camels, ostriches, and all kinds of different animals. Really neat! In huge pins along the drive they also had tigers, bears, lions, and even some ligers. Crazy! First time to ever see a liger in real life!

We had a blast and I'm looking forward to going back someday with the rest of my family. I really enjoyed this so much more than an actual zoo because we are able to interact more with the animals and the animals seem to be very well taken care of and they are all given such nice homes and tons of attention.


  1. Where is your sweatshirt from?
    These photos are fantastic! What stunning animals. Hope to visit one day! :)